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                                               AfraviGroup's main goal is to improve print quality for graphic designs and prevent print
                                               wastes. In 2003 we recruited employees with more that 20 years of experience in their
                                               own working range. in order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves we decided to
                                               teach graphic designers and their co-workers technically so they can print anything
                                               without any technical errors, and we also published books alongside teaching, a brief
                                               conclusion of what we did is said below
                                                Publishing 17 technical books in the field of graphic and print
                                                Technical teaching and researching in the field of graphic and print

                                               We Precisely do graphic works as we also take care of the print.

                                                2018 AfraviGroup Graphics
                                                Tel.: +98 21 8868 3749 , +98 8869 2270
                                                cell.: +98 912 190 2352
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